Many aspects of the Ragdoll breed standard are moderate which allows room for interpretation and variation.  There are definitely different “looks” within the Ragdoll breed many of which fit the standard.  As with most things, each person will have his/her own preferences and may emphasize different characteristics in their breeding program.  This page includes our opinions and perceptions.

Two things to remember:
– First, health and temperament are always more important than conformation or the “paint job” on a Ragdoll.
– Second, there’s no such thing as a perfect Ragdoll.

Some cats have better ear size/shape/set while others may have a better profile.  One cat may have great eye color, but a shorter tail.  Still others will have the desired coat texture, but eyes that are too round.  One may have fabulous size, but a “muddy” coat.  To make things even trickier, an awkward looking kitten may grow into his big ears and be beautifully balanced.  Or that stunning little guy who takes your breath away as a baby may not quite grow into the potential you had hoped.

Regardless, every breeder’s goal should be to improve the Ragdoll breed – combining cats with various qualities in an effort to inch a little closer to that perfect standard.

On this page, we’ll try to illustrate a few of the more subtle characteristics of Ragdolls.  Keep in mind that, like everyone, we have our own biases and opinions of the more or less important characteristics.

More coming soon.