Colors & Patterns

Ragdolls come primarily in two colors – blue and seal.  Blue is a gray or graphite color while seal is dark brown.

There are 3 patterns of Ragdolls – colorpoint, mitted and bicolor.  Colorpoint is what many think of as the typical “Siamese” marking with light body and dark face, legs and tail.  Mitteds appear to be colorpoint with a white chin, white mittens on the front feet and white boots on the back legs.  Bicolors have the most white – all white legs, tummy and chest along with an inverted white V on their faces.

So 2 colors and 3 possible patterns, give 6 combinations:

Lynx is the presence of the tabby gene and is a sort of “overlay” pattern.  So any of the color/pattern combos above can also be lynx.  A lynx Ragdoll may have striping on its face, legs and tail, white eyeliner around his/her eyes, and the insides of the ears will be white.  Lynx mitteds and colorpoints will also have a rosey nose with a dark liner around it.

Below are some pics comparing the various color and patterns.