Baby Purrs

Now I lay me down to sleep…

Baby Tonka says his kitty prayers every night.

Past Ragdoll Kittens

A new competition for the Ragdoll Olympics…..

….Synchronized Stretching!!

This beautiful flame bicolor boy certainly lived up to everyone’s expectations for size…he weighed 8 pounds when these pictures were taken at just 4.5 months of age!! And, oh, what a sweetie – a mellow, easy-going guy who loves to lay his head on your shoulder and snooze. This kid definitely made his parents very proud!!!

GC Dixie Willow’s Deal Me In

This pretty bicolor boy is Dixie Willow’s Deal Me In (Gambler for short) at 6 months of age. Gambler is one of the nicest kids we’ve been lucky enough to have – he’s perfectly marked with great size and a bunny-soft coat. The best things about this guy though are his wonderfully loving nature and the fact that his motor never stops running. Gambler is having a great show career and loving every minute of it. At his second show (a CFA show in California) and at just barely 6 months old, Gambler made the finals in 4 of the 6 rings…including TWO rosettes for BEST Allbreed Kitten!!! He also finaled twice as an Open in his first show as an adult and earned more than 100 points toward his CFA Grand Champion title in the FIRST DAY competing as a Champion!!!

More News….Dixie Willow Deal Me In (Gambler) is a CFA Grand Champion – the second Ragdoll Grand Champion in the state of Arizona!! Gambler became a Grand in just three shows! Whoohooo!!!

Dixie Willow’s Command Performance

Dixie Willow’s Command Performance (aka Kramer), pictured here at 7 months of age, is a stunning blue mitted boy with a blaze. Kramer’s a very funny kid with a non-stop motor. He’s a really super guy – wonderful type, personality, and coat along with those breath-taking eyes. Who could ask for anything more in a kitten? Kramer’s everything a Ragdoll should be and more.

Gilligan (a.k.a. GC Dixie Willow Batten Down the Hatches)

Gilligan is a sweet, mushy, blue lynx bicolor boy who was just over 3 months of age in these pictures. Gilligan got his nickname from the fact that he would climb up on my shoulder and kiss my cheek…so I began calling him my “Little Buddy” around here. (Fans of the Gilligan’s Island tv show will recall that “little buddy” was the Skipper’s nickname for Gilligan.) Gilligan has grown up to be a really special boy with a sweet spirit and beautiful coat.

Dixie Willow Batten Down the Hatches (aka Gilligan) is now a CFA Grand Champion!!! In fact, he’s the first CFA Grand Champion Ragdoll in the state of Arizona as well as the first blue lynx Ragdoll Grand Champion EVER in CFA!!

Here are pictures of Gilligan and his littermates….