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Do you need animal talent for your print, television, video or motion picture?

Located in west Tennessee, our cat actors are an easy distance to Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta and New Orleans as well as Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Kentucky.  Our specialty is cat actors, but we also have a couple of dogs that have started training.  We would be happy to talk with you about your project.  If our guys don’t meet your needs, we’ll put you in contact with other reputable companies with dependable animal talent.

Many people say cats are some of the trickiest animals to work with because they have a mind of their own and can get spooked by the chaos of a production set.  I’ve had actors and crew tell me that they usually DREAD working with cats (of course, that was before they met our Ragdolls).  We’re proud to say that our cats have never failed to get a shot, often in much less time than the crew anticipated.  After nailing his scene with Denzel Washington in only two takes, Skyler even received a standing ovation from everyone on The Book of Eli set.

Dixie Willow Ragdolls have been included in a number of well-known company and product advertisements, TV commercials, independent films and even major motion pictures. These projects have required everything from posing in a particular pet bed…to interacting with an actor or model…to A-to-B action or hissing.  We even had a cat who had to be vacuumed for his movie role!

A library of our cat talent can be seen on the Purrsonalities page.
Info about our dogs is on the K9 Cohorts page.


Our cats and kittens can be seen in:

– the 2016 Netflix original series, Stranger Things
– several 2014 Petsmart tv commercials

– a 2013 Oakland A’s tv commercial
– the 2010 feature film, The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis and Gary Oldman
– the 2008 independent film, Uncross the Stars, starring Barbara Hershey, Ron Perlman, & Daniel Gilles
– the 2008 tv movie, S.I.S Special Investigation Section
– the 2007 feature film, The Kingdom, starring Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner
– numerous Petsmart store signs & print advertising
– several Petsmart educational videos made for the Petsmart website
– Minute Groom product packaging
– a number of Farnam packages & print advertising for items such as Feliway and Adams pet products
– Soft Claws tv commercials & product packaging
– a national Cable One tv commercial

You can check out some of these past projects on the Portfolio Pics page.